The historic town of Jílové lies about 20 km south of Prague. It is situated 3 km from the right bank of the Sázava river and surrounded by massive hills which, in combination with the river valley, form one of the most beautiful places in the surroundings of Prague which is perfectly suitable for recreation and relaxation. Well-preserved nature blends with the history of an old town there. The town has boasted the title of “Royal gold mining town” for more than 650 years.

 The flourishing and decline of the town often depended on the amount of gold mined in its mines. In 1992, Jílové u Prahy was declared an urban conservation zone by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. The oldest and historically most valuable buildings include the town hall which was built in the 14th century and later rebuilt in Baroque style and the Church of St Adalbert (Vojtěch in Czech) with a Gothic altarpiece.

 A house named Mince (Coin) comes from the same period as the town hall and it currently houses the Regional museum. The Museum specializes in the rich history of gold mining and the history of tramping. It holds a number of exhibitions, culture events and seminars from various fields of expertise each year. The town hall houses a municipal library, an information centre and a culture centre whose auditorium offers programmes for children and juveniles, dancing and sports events, theatrical plays and concerts. The auditorium is also often used for events organized by the municipal authority and various social events. There are also various associations and organizations, such as the volunteer fire department, gardeners, a choir, etc.