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 Town hall in Jílové u Prahy
Jílové u Prahy had a town hall as early as the late Gothic era. It was originally located in the place of houses no 20 and 21. When a Renaissance town hall which had been built later burned down in 1636, the citizens were left without a municipal administration building for a long time. The fortified tower house, probably a reeve’s house built in 14th century by the Prague family of Velfovic, was bought together with other structures of the former Beník’s manor by the Baron of Engelfluss in 1686. The Baron later sold the whole premises to town mayor Ignác Ferdinand Schönpflug who donated the tower to the town as a new town hall.
However, the tower had turned into a roofless ruin by that time and had to be rebuilt; the first town council meeting in the new town hall held in 1708 then decided to turn the upper floor into a town council hall. In 1854 a new building was added followed by a prison in 1855.

In the early 1990’s the municipal authorities commenced extensive rebuilding of the whole town hall complex with the financial aid of the state provided via the Urban Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme. The last stage of regeneration – the prison building – was completed in 1997.

Church of St Adalbert (Vojtěch)
The church which was built in the place of a wooden church in the first half of 13th century and dedicated to St Nicholas is the oldest structure in the town. A vicarage was added to the church building in the 13th century, the first vicar being Oldřich of Sulzbach. Another vicar worth mentioning was Křišťán of Prachatice who became a university professor and later a rector of Charles’ University.
The church was damaged by fire which ravaged the town on May 30th 1567. 15th and 16th century witnessed the conversion to Utraquist (Calixtin) religion and the vicars therefore practiced this religion. By the end of 16th century the Lutheran religion had replaced Utraquism. In 18th century the Recatholisation process had been completed and all citizens allegedly practiced Catholicism.

The church was repaired and Baroquized several times during 17th and 18th century. The chapel of St Anne was added to the south wall and in 1791 the tower was repaired and fitted with a golden cupola.
Thorough repairs took place between 1990 and 1999. The total repair costs reached the amount of nearly 2.5 million CZK.

The church boasts an interesting feature - its tower is situated between the chancel and the nave. It was thanks to this architectonic feature and its beautiful Gothic altar that the church was selected by director Miloš Forman who shot a few sequences for his Amadeus film there in 1983.

The church houses five Baroque altars, including one which had been brought in from a later demolished Loreta church, and one modern altarpiece which was consecrated on November 6th 1999.

The most interesting church piece is the Gothic altarpiece dating back to 1485 which had been bought by Štěpán Beník of Petrsdorf and brought in from the Church of St Wenceslas (Václav) in Zderaz in Prague. One of the paintings on the altarpiece was painted by a renowned Czech artist Petr Brandl.

We should not forget to mention a pewter font which dates back to 16th century, an eighteenth-century Baroque polychrome pieta and the church bells: an angelus bell, a death bell and midday, medium and large bells. The Bell of St. Adalbert (Vojtěch) weighs 260 kg and the Bell of Virgin Mary weighs 315 kg.


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